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Trade Service Group Limited is manufacturer and exporter of Agricultural equipment include small and medium-sized tractor, Front End Loader, Backhoe, Mower, Rotary Tiller, and Post Hole Diggers . The Group company was founded in June 1996 with its Headquarter in London, Uk and Branch in Hong Kong. The company’s registered capital is 10 Million US Dollar. As the end of 2015, the company’s total assets reached 40 Million US Dollar and its annual sales revenue reached 75 Million US Dollar.

Our products have been exported to US, Australia, Germany, South America, Africa, Asia and other regions.

I. The Company’s Main Products

The company’s main products include theseries 180-280 single-cylinder four-wheel tractors, the b300/350, 400/550, 600, 700/800 and 900 series medium horse-power tractors, and the high-power wheeled tractors of the 1000, 1104, 1204, 1304, 1404, 1504, 160, 1804 and 2004 series.

II. The Company’s Input into Software and Hardware

The company has advanced mechanic processing, punching, welding, spraying and phosphating equipment, as well as complete machine assembly components. Its annual capacity of manufacturing tractors has reached 100,000. The company currently has 335 employees by which 33 employees are researchers, while the proportion of people having engineer and senior engineer qualifications is over 11%.

The company attaches a high emphasis over inputs in research and development. It allocates 5% of its sales revenues as the research and development expenditures for purchasing advanced technical equipment and sending R&D personnel to have communications and further learning, thereby greatly improving its research and development level and making the products’ designs more reasonable and humane.

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